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What iPad Air 4 Color Should I Get? Some Suggestions for You!

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“Powerful, Colorful, Wonderful” is the new tagline which the new iPad lineup is tagged in. Besides, Apple has made some changes not only in terms of software but hardware as well. These new changes and enhancements include the latest A14 Bionic chip and the Touch ID integrated to the top button.

If you are thinking of getting the new iPad Air 4, you must know the colors that it arrives in this year. Apple has given two new color options to choose from. These are the Blue and the Green among Rose Gold, Space Gray and the all time classic Silver.

Now, if you are too entangled in making a choice between the color options available, this article will tell you all about which one to go for. We’ll go through each and explain why you should go for it.

iPad Air 4 Colors

The Classic Silver

The silver colored iPad Air 4 is a classic color option available for almost all the devices that Apple releases. The fact that it hides, scratched, fingerprints and dirt well, is yet another reason why a majority of people go for it. If you are someone who likes things that never go out of style, this color option is the one to go for.

Space Gray

This color option, like the Silver model, needs no introduction. Often chosen by people who like to go with the tried-and-true things, this out of the world color option suits almost all occasions. If you are someone who doesn’t prefer change a lot, this color option is one to go for.

Rose Gold

The Rose Gold was a preferred choice for customers who loved a light and fresh feel on their devices. Over the years, Apple has altered this true Rose Gold base by adding a hue of pink to it, thus making it more appealing to the feminine customer segment. If you are looking to match something classy, and fresh to your dress, this color option should be your choice.

What iPad Air 4 Color Should I Get


Unlike the shade of Green which you find on the iPhone 11 Pro, the one on the new iPad lineup is a new one. Stirred to make it a light shade, it would be more appropriate to call it airy green. If you are someone who likes things that stand out, this color option is your go-to.


If there is one color option which should be called iPad exclusive, it is the Sky Blue. Not actually blue, but more a silver with a bluish hue, makes this color the best option to consider. Different yet elegant, this color is capable of being accommodated in both the office and the home settings. If you are someone who wants things that turn heads, the Sky Blue color option is the one to go for.

Some Color Alternatives

Since Apple has released a number of accessories for the iPad Air 4, including the Smart Covers and Folios, matching the look of your device with your outfit has become easier than ever. With colorful smart covers and cases for your new iPad Air 4, it really doesn’t matter which color option you go for. You can always change the outer look at just a little more expense. Some options you can consider if you are looking for outer cases and covers are as:

ESR Rebound Pencil Case for iPad Air 4 2020 ($16.99)

iPad Air 4 2020 Pencil Case


  • Dimensionally Compatible
  • Apple Pencil Compatible
  • Responsive Design
  • 2-way Stand
  • Comfortable Grip

ESR is known for manufacturing exclusive mobile accessories that perform the best under harsh usage conditions. This pencil case from ESR has been designed exclusively for the iPad Air 4 and fits perfectly without any issue. The fact that it can accommodate the Apple Pencil in it, makes it a preferred choice for many.

The cover is also responsive in the sense that it never interferes with the auto sleep and wake function of your iPad 2020. The two-way magnetic tri-fold stand is another thing to look out for. The smooth rubber-like polymer feels comfortable and helps provide a strong grip. The product is available in five attractive color options including the royal black, forest green, grey, papaya and rose gold. At a tag of $16.99, this iPad accessory is a must-buy for sure.

Soke iPad Air 4 Case ($19.99)


  • Dimensionally Compatible
  • Apple Pencil Compatible
  • Soft TPU Back Shell
  • Two-way standing position
  • 1 year free replacement service

Yet another accessory for the new iPad Air 4 is this Case from the house of Soke. The product has been exclusively designed for the new iPad Air 4 2020 and meets the dimensional requirements very well. The product has a built-in magnetic Apple Pencil holder which facilitates charging as well.

This product has been designed for complete protection as it is made of Soft TPU back shell. This Soft TPU covering protects your device from shocks, drops and impacts. The soft microfiber lining on the surface with a PU leather exterior prevents the tablet from getting scratched. The case also has a two-way stand which can be used to erect the device either vertically or horizontally to enjoy either typing or watching movies.

At a price tag of $18.99, you not only get among 9 color options to choose from but one year free replacement service with on spot 24 hours serving friendly customer service in case you encounter some issue.

The final word

Among a host of color options available for the iPad Air 4 2020, choosing the best should not come as a trouble. If you are confused as to which color option to go for, we hope the above article will help make a choice. Furthermore, with so many colorful options available in covers and cases itself, you can go with changing the look and feel of your device on the go. Consider purchasing the two options that we have shared and we’re sure you will love them to the core. Happy Shopping!!

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