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Which iPad mini 6 Color is Best and Which Should You Choose?

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Apple’s latest iPad mini 6 features a ton of cool features, an upgraded display, and an elegant new design that is available in multiple colors. It has a round aluminum body with a tiny camera bump on the back, no home button, and super slim bezels.

The exquisite device has pretty colors that you can buy, and you might not be able to decide which color is best for you, then this article will help you out.

First, let’s discuss the colors of the iPad mini 6 that including Pink, Starlight, Purple, and Space Gray. These four colors are available for all models of the iPad mini 6, and there is no distinction in prices between the shades.

How Can You Choose the Best iPad mini 6 Color?

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the multiple color options that look beautiful in their own way, then here we explain which color is best according to your style.

1. Pink

iPad Mini 6 Color Pink

The iconic pink color is a gorgeous shade that is not too bright but adds a touch of elegance to the feature-rich slim, and stylish iPad Mini 6. It has a visually interesting appeal to it without being super intense to the eyes, making it a decent shade that many people will be a fan of, especially if they love soothing colors.

2. Starlight

iPad Mini 6 Color Starlight

Next up is starlight for those that do not like colorful devices and need a sophisticated-looking shade for their iPad mini 6. The color is a simple white/tan hue that is also available for the new iPhone 13. The Starlight shade is best for those who love plain neutral colors and like to avoid intense eye-catching shades.

3. Purple

iPad Mini 6 Color Purple

For those who love a slightly more saturated pink that’s closer to the blue shade is the Purple iPad mini 6. It is a nice pastel purple that is a go-to choice for anyone who likes some color on their Apple device. The shade goes along with almost anything and looks great while you use your iPad on a daily basis.

4. Space Gray

iPad Mini 6 Color Space Gray

If you are a fan of dark colors and like to keep your devices as simple as possible but also display their aesthetic design in a classic way, then you should opt for the Space Gray iPad mini 6. The sleek, subdued, and slightly darker side shade matches perfectly with other classic Apple gadgets and devices that have a black/gray color.

A Case to Customize your iPad mini 6

Now that you know the multiple color options available for the iPad mini 6, you should also know the best case cover to protect your premium device from damage and further customize it with unique colors.

Here is a case cover from ESR that will not only keep your iPad mini 6 safe and secure from the wear and tear of using the device daily but also enable you to customize it with more awesome color options!

iPad mini 6 (2021) Ascend Trifold Case – $29.99

iPad mini 6 (2021) Case

Key Features:

  • Slim and Lightweight Design
  • Magnetic Trifold Stand
  • Premium Protection
  • Apple Pencil Support
  • Auto Sleep/Wake Feature

Colors Available: Mint Green, Sky Blue, Rose Gold, Cactus, Gray, and Black.

Looking for more options to customize your iPad mini 6 while protecting it from daily wear and tear? Then look no further because this case is perfect for your new iPad mini 6. This Ascent Trifold Case from ESR is made to fit perfectly on your iPad mini 6 (2021) and guard it against all damage.

It has a high-quality rigid backplate that prevents your iPad from twisting when dropped, ensuring that your new iPad’s screen and back remain safe, without scratches, and does not shatter due to high-force impacts. With precise cutouts at all the right places, you can access your iPad’s full features without a hassle.

The case also features a magnetic trifold stand that is built for enhancing productivity and fun, as it makes it easier for you to view and write using dual stand modes. It is designed with elegance to make sure it is super slim and lightweight, so you can easily use your iPad mini 6 without having the bulky feel that most low-quality iPad cases have.

Since the iPad mini 6 is compatible with the Apple Pencil 2, this case is designed to fully support magnetic attachment and wireless charging of your Apple Pencil. Moreover, built-in magnets enable the automatic sleep and wake feature that makes sure your battery life lasts longer. While the secure magnetic clasps ensure your iPad mini 6 stays safe and secure inside the case.

The Bottomline

In conclusion, each iPad mini 6 color stands apart in its own way and is made for people with different styles and preferences. Their shades are top-notch and can be styled with other gadgets and accessories to have a perfect matching set of devices on your work desktop or bookshelf.

You can even customize your iPad mini 6 with the Ascend Trifold Case from ESR that has several colors to choose from and also provides ultimate protection to your device, so it stays brand new for a long time.

Now it is up to you to take a look at the colors available and choose the one which fits your style best, invest in a protective case and have an additional color for customizing your iPad mini 6, and most of all, have fun with your brand new device.

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