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10 Frequently Asked Questions About the Apple Watch 7 (2021)

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The new Apple Watch 7 series was revealed on September 14th, 2021. Comparing it with the Apple Watch 6 flagship model, Apple’s 7th generation smartwatch will have curvier edges, thin display borders, and a modern watch design with a quicker charging experience.

The watch in comparison with its last year’s predecessor is not very different besides a few design changes and battery upgrades. Yet, you must have a few questions in your mind about Apple’s 7th generation smartwatch; therefore, we have prepared this guide of frequently asked questions to help you out. This will make you reach your decision if upgrading your Apple Watch 6 to 7 is really worth the investment.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in,

Will Apple Watch 7 Have a Better Battery Life?

Apple series 7 watch is reported to be 33 percent faster than the series 6, even though both watches offer the same 18-hour battery life. The efficient charging technology is described as a new charging architecture that is paired with a new magnetic USB-C fast charger. This technology enables an 8-hour use from just an 8-minute charge.

Can Apple Watch Series 7 Measure Blood Pressure?

The Apple Watch 7 can not take a blood pressure reading. Currently, the medically validated way of measuring it is to stop blood flow using an inflating blood pressure cuff and deflating to read the blood pressure.

Apple’s new smartwatch, the series 7, will continue to have an ECG monitor which is FDA approved, and the blood oxygen monitor which has not received clearance from FDA yet, much like its predecessors. The data collected via wearable devices is helpful to users and health experts, but still, they are not a replacement for actual medical-grade devices.

Does Apple Watch 7 Have a Blood Sugar Monitor?

Apple Watch Series 7 Blood Pressure

Yes, according to ETNews, the Apple watch series 7 will be equipped with a blood sugar monitoring system that detects glucose levels via a non-invasive optical sensor. The glucometer is reported to enable bloodless sugar level monitoring which will contribute to the health care and safety of diabetic patients and the general public.

This technology will enable diabetic patients to analyze their glucose levels automatically without the inconvenience of pricking their fingers more than 10 times a day. Thus, helping them systematically adjust their diet and lifestyle choices.

Is the Apple Watch 7 Waterproof?

The Apple Watch 7 has the same waterproof rating of up to 50 meters as the previous model. Apple says its watches are protected against sweat, rain, and while washing hands, but also recommends drying it with a lint-free cloth. Minimizing exposure of the Apple Watch to perfume, soap, detergent, and other solvents will ensure long life and better performance.

Resistance to water is not a permanent feature and it diminishes over time when used carelessly; therefore it is recommended that users must maintain caution when exposing the watch to any liquids. Moreover, not all Apple Watch bands are water-resistant, including stainless steel and leather bands which can be damaged when exposed to water.

Can Apple Watch Series 7 Use the Same Bands?

The Apple watch series comes in two new sizes, a 41mm small size and a 45mm large one, which is compatible with all existing Apple Watch bands. The company makes sure the bands of their smartwatches are interchangeable for easy customization and hassle-free use. Apple’s COO, Jeff Williams himself, confirmed the compatibility of the Series 7 Watch with all existing watch bands in the 2021 keynote event.

Does the Apple Watch 7 Have 5G Compatibility?

No, the Apple watch series 7 is not 5G compatible, much like its predecessor, the Apple series 6 and SE watch. The watch when paired with an active service plan, enables its users to make calls, and send texts right from your watch without the need of your iPhone.

Plus, when the Apple Watch is connected to a compatible cellular network (4G and below), or an iPhone, it will notify the emergency services when the user is unable to, thus helping users out when in need.

Apple Watch 7 Price

What Is the Price of the Apple Watch 7?

The Apple watch series 7 price starts at $399. Apple recently revealed the international pricing for series 7 and reported that users will get three months of Apple Fitness+ for free. It’s 41mm aluminum version has a price of $399, while the 45mm version has a price tag of $429. Moreover, the Apple watch series 7 also has a stainless steel version and a titanium version, whose prices start at $699 and $799, respectively.

Is the Apple Watch Series 7 Worth Buying?

In our opinion, the Apple watch series 7 is worth it for those who are looking to invest in a quality smartwatch for the first time and don’t already have the series 6. For those, who have the series 6 Apple watch, it is recommended they wait for next year’s model which may have more exceptional features besides the series 7 since it doesn’t have many upgrades besides some incremental changes in the design that displays a softer aesthetic and an upgraded battery.

When Will the Apple Watch 7 Be Available?

The Apple Watch Series 7 pre-orders began on Friday, October 8th, in all variants in more than 60 countries around the world. In contrast, the Apple 7th generation watch lineup will be available in stores one week later, on Friday, October 15th.

The Apple Watch 7 will be available in finishes of Aluminum in midnight and starlight shade, polished stainless steel in silver, graphite, and gold color, and titanium in natural and space black tint. It will also be available in new Nike and Hermès special editions for customers to buy.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Apple Watch 7?

The best place to buy the latest Apple Watch Series 7, for now, is Apple’s official entirely redesigned online store which offers a seamless online pre-ordering experience for its customers. You can avail of Apple’s personalized support, convenient pickup options, and delivery methods, the special carrier offers, free engraving, Apple studio options, and much more.

Better deals in terms of price are expected to arrive at marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart after Apple launches the series 7 smartwatch in-store.

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